Young Actress Rekha Sindhu dies in Horrific Car Accident

Young Actress Rekha Sindhu dies in Horrific Car Accident

Kannada TV actress Rekha Sindhu has reportedly died in a car crash on the Chennai-Bengaluru Highway, on Friday, 5 May 2017. Sindhu was on her way from Chennai to Bengaluru along with three other people. Early reports indicate that their car was involved in a collision near Pernambut, and all four passengers died immediately. The names of the other deceased have been reported as Abhishek Kumaran (22), Jayankandran (23) and Rakshan (20).


rekha sindhu killed in car accident


They were taken to the Tirupattur Government Hospital and police investigations into the accident are currently on, media reports said. Rekha Sindhu has appeared in many ads including the Chennai Amrutha and has also acted in supporting roles in Tamil films. Meanwhile, there seemed to be some confusion over the incident as it was mistakenly believed that another actress — Rekha Krishnappa — had been involved in the accident. However, Rekha Krishnappa issued a clarification on her Facebook page saying she was fine. International Business Times carried a statement from the actress regarding the same.


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