Bhavana To Marry Naveen In October

Bhavana To Marry Naveen In October

Bhavana, the popular actress got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Kannada producer Naveen, recently. As per the latest reports, it has been confirmed that Bhavana and Naveen will tie the knot in October 2017. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that they are planning to tie the knot in October 2017, but the wedding date is yet to be finalised. The wedding will be held at Bhavana’s hometown Thrissur, at Lulu Convention Centre. According to the actress, the couple prefers a very simple wedding ceremony and wants to avoid all extravaganza.


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Bhavana also stated that she prefers a simple bridal look, with very less number of ornaments. Bhavana has no plans to bid goodbye to cinema after marriage, unlike her contemporaries. The actress confirmed that her fiance and family have absolutely no issues with her career choices. Bhavana is currently busy with the shooting of her upcoming project, the Prithviraj starring Jinu Abraham movie, Adam Joan. The actress is not appearing as the female lead, but is playing a pivotal role in the movie.


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